Gold Rush


Gold Rush, Passion & Revival

It´s been a while since the last article on thefashionlegal. Why that is; Life happened and a busy schedule set this project at the side for a while. Since a year back I´m living my dream working with the extremely talented Ghost Games team – part of the video games giant EA Games. Needless to say, it´s been an eventful time since. Continue Reading

I´ve got 100 problems

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The Big Pimpin´ lawsuit, Jay Z & Egyptian flutes

 “99 Problems” is one of the rapper Jay Z´s most famous songs. The lawsuit of today, though, is connected with another of his songs called “Big Pimpin´”. It was released as the fifth and last single from the rapper´s album “Vol 3… Life and times of S. Carter” back in year 2000 and the song has been rated by e.g The Rolling Stones magazine as one of the 500 greatest songs of all time. Continue Reading

Jeremy Scott & Moschino vs. Rime & Street Art




Breaking laws of fashion at the price of Intellectual Property rights

Jeremy Scott is, since 2013, the creative director for the Italian luxury fashion house Moschino. He is famous in the business for, at least in the eyes of many fashion interested, breaking the laws of fashion through his controversial, daring and playful design creations.  Continue Reading

Stripes on a toad does not make it a tiger

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A game of thrones between the two- striped and three- striped

“If you paint stripes on a toad, he does not become a tiger”. That is a quote by the famous author of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R.R Martin (The book series which Game of Thrones is based upon). A quote which can be claimed to be quite appropriate since today´s post is about stripes. And – the battle in court between two shoe manufacturers of the rightful claim to the iron throne. Continue Reading

Will the real slim shady please stand up


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Cause I´m Slim Shady, all you other Slim Shadys are just imitating

We are at the Chicago rap scene. It is January this year (2015) and Raymond Jones from the rap trio Hot Stylz is filing an 8 million dollar lawsuit against Marshall Mathers (more commonly known as Eminem) and the American Record Label Interscope Records.

The reason? The reported central issue of the lawsuit is the Eminem track Rap God from the album Marshall Mathers LP 2, Continue Reading

Copydogs chasing the copycats

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Watch out for the rottweiler. It bites

Let´s turn back time to 2013, to tell a story about this peculiar dog. The french high fashion house Givenchy, famous for putting eye-catching prints on their garments, had been producing their, now iconic, Antigona Rottweiler Tote since many seasons back. The hype made the rottweiler quite busy, decorating the arms of countless fashionistas around the world. Continue Reading

Young Money vs. Cash Money

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Lil Wayne & Young Money Ent., a 51 million dollar lawsuit and Contract law

The rappers are keeping on suing each other like there is no tomorrow. The latest of the news in the world of heavy lawsuits is the one between the rapper Lil Wayne (Songs such as Drop the World and Right Above It & founder of the record label Young Money Entertainment (founded 2005, a subsidiary under the parent company Universal Music Group) ) and the record label Cash Money Records (founded 1991, also a subsidiary under the parent company Universal Music Group)Lil Wayne is now suing the co- founder of the Cash Money record label, Birdman, claiming the right to get paid 51 million dollars. Continue Reading

The Cotton Fields Back Home




A short story about the cotton problem

The fashion industry and the cotton farmers are having quite a tough relationship these days. After 40 steps in the production chain, a t-shirt can still cost 7 dollars. How is this even possible? One of many answers is the phenomenon of price dumping. For example, some developed countries have used this notorious tool with exports of cotton to win dominant market positions to the developing countries deep concern. According to the legal framework of the World Trade Organization, export subsidies are prohibited. Continue Reading