Gold Rush


Gold Rush, Passion & Revival

It´s been a while since the last article on thefashionlegal. Why that is; Life happened and a busy schedule set this project at the side for a while. Since a year back I´m living my dream working with the extremely talented Ghost Games team – part of the video games giant EA Games. Needless to say, it´s been an eventful time since.

This project started from a place of pure passion – for the entertainment industries, for creativity and for intellectual property, as a means to broaden horizons. As an attempt to package a message, a passion & expertise in a way that people can relate to. For certain, I believe that mastering this in its simplicity, is the future within the field of law.

Do you know that Intellectual Property is currently causing a gold rush? This, as the future is looking brighter than ever as the wide range of IP is being considered as an extremely valuable source of profit, for companies, celebrities & people like you and me.

Historically, gold rushes has driven people and businesses to more or less successful decisions – why loads of exciting things indeed are happening in the world of IP these days. It´s time for a revival of

Welcome back!