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Jennifer Lind is the founder and editor of thefashionlegal.com. She graduated from law school in February 2016 after four and a half years of legal studies at two different universities in Europe – University of Gothenburg, Sweden and LUISS Guido Carli, Italy. She is specialized in European Private Law, European Taxation, Intellectual Property, International Trade Law and Commercial Contracts Law.

Beside her legal studies the past years, she has been working with a range of magazines (RES Travel Magazine, Intermission), founding an own business (JL2 Konsult AB) and joining DICE Ghost Games team.  

Deeply passionate about all things entertainment and Intellectual Property, she wanted to merge the different worlds of law, fashion & entertainment, resulting in thefashionlegal.com. A website about the legal aspects of the multi billion dollar businesses we call the fashion- & entertainment industries. 

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Please note: the content on thefashionlegal.com should be read critically and does not constitute legal advice. No liability is taken for the use or interpretation of the articles on thefashionlegal.com.